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Code of Conduct


decor metall is a leading company for customer-specific product presentation systems of the highest quality. As a service-oriented, one-stop supplier, we offer our customers product-specific and branch-specific display and shopfitting solutions. Professional business conduct, integrity and maintaining our excellent reputation are important cornerstones of our identity. We want to ensure that we treat people and the environment with respect and act in a socially responsible manner. For us, this also involves self-reflection regarding the ethics of our conduct. The following Code of Conduct has been drawn up with these aspects in mind:

1. Laws and guidelines

Laws, mandatory regulations and this Code of Conduct must be complied with – whether at home or abroad. Each employee is obliged to observe the legal system within which they operate. Employees are personally responsible for compliance with the laws and regulations in their area of work. Our employees are required to report violations of applicable laws, of mandatory regulations, of relevant guidelines and of this Code of Conduct to their line manager or the management. Inducing third parties to commit unlawful acts or knowingly participating in such acts is strictly prohibited.

Managers must act as exemplary role models and demonstrate a high level of social and ethical competence. They are responsible for ensuring compliance with the relevant laws, mandatory regulations and relevant guidelines within their area of responsibility.

2. Conduct towards colleagues

decor metall respects and protects the personal dignity of every single person and invests in their qualifications and competence. Discrimination, harassment or disadvantage based on gender, ethnic or cultural origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation will not be tolerated.

3. Avoiding conflicts of interest

Situations in which the employees’ personal or financial interests could conflict with those of the Company must be avoided. In particular, it is forbidden to participate in the companies of competitors, suppliers or customers or to enter into business relationships with them in a private context if this could lead to a conflict of interest. Such a conflict of interest exists if the nature and extent of the participation or business relationship is likely to influence how the employees concerned perform their duties at decor metall. Exceptions must be agreed in advance with the line manager and the responsible personnel manager.

4. Handling of information

All business transactions are documented completely, transparently and without any errors, in accordance with the legal requirements. All records and reports must be correct and truthful. The principles of proper bookkeeping and accounting must be observed and all funds must be properly recorded in the accounts.

Confidential information of the company as well as confidential information of the business partners must be kept secret and must not be passed on to third parties or made accessible to them in any other way. Third parties also include employees of the company who are not authorised.

Personal data may be collected, processed or used only to the extent permitted by the relevant rules.

5. Conduct towards business partners and third parties

decor metall respects fair competition and adheres to the applicable laws that protect and promote competition (in particular the antitrust laws). Suppliers are to be selected solely on the basis of objective criteria, and agreements are to be made and documented completely and unambiguously; the 4-eyes principle is to be observed here. No employee may accept benefits – in any form whatsoever, in particular personal gifts resulting from business relationships of decor metall – if it can be assumed from an objective viewpoint that these benefits could influence business decisions or business transactions. In connection with business activities of any kind, no employee may offer business partners, their employees or other third parties undue advantages. This shall be assumed to be the case, in particular, if the nature and scope of such benefits could improperly influence the recipient’s actions and decisions.

6. Health and safety

decor metall ensures the health and safety of employees in the workplace. It is the duty of all employees and managers to minimise the hazards to people and the environment and to observe the applicable regulations.

7. Sustainability

decor metall is convinced that social commitment, environmental protection and fair cooperation are important pillars of our society and has therefore set itself the goal of harmonising economic factors with ecological and social responsibility in a sustainable manner. In addition to using an environmental management system, all employees are required to use resources sparingly and responsibly and to be actively involved in pursuing the environmental goals. We also reduce our use of substances that are harmful to health or to the environment as far as possible.

8. Compliance

The rules contained in this Code of Conduct form a core element of our corporate culture. Company-wide compliance with this code by each individual employee is imperative and is monitored by decor metall.