Made by decor metall​

Our production

Made by decor metall means: We develop, plan and manufacture in-house. We have been based at the Bad Salzuflen production site since 1963. This was a conscious decision to offer our customers maximum reliability, flexibility and speed. With our state-of-the-art machinery and trained specialists, we manufacture your presentation concepts from batch sizes of 1 to 1,000. All production processes are registered or certified as compliant with the environmental management and quality management systems EMAS III, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.



Laser technology/punching (TRUMPF)

Your sheet metal components can be manufactured on two TRUMPF combination machines (laser/punching/embossing). (- 3 mm sheet thickness)

Mesh welding machine (SCHLATTER)

Wire mesh mats (fence elements etc., maximum size 2,000 mm x 1,230 mm) in various wire diameters and mesh sizes.

Mesh welding machine (SCHLATTER)

Four DARLEY press brakes (80 – 110 t press force) are available to bend components (maximum sheet thickness: 3 mm, maximum length: 3,000 mm)

CNC tube bender (BLM)

Tube diameters from 12 mm to 40 mm can be processed.

CNC wire bender (WAFIOS)

Wire diameters from 2.4 mm to 10 mm can be processed.

Robot welding (CLOOS)

High quantities are processed by our CLOOS welding robot
(tube, wire, sheet metal parts).

Manual welding

MIG-MAG, TIG and MAG brazing are the welding processes available
(tube, wire, sheet metal parts).

Powder coating

We finish your metal surfaces in all RAL colours, with a variety of design effects and technical coatings. Our extensive experience guarantees optimum colour results and all-round protection from environmental influences.

The procedure

  • Pre-treatment of the parts in our phosphatising/degreasing plant
  • Drying of the parts in the chamber dryer (retained water)
  • Powder-coating of parts in 3 available powder cabins:
    1. Plastic cabin = colour-change cabin (fully automatic with up to 12 coating guns or manually)
    2. Stainless steel cabin = standard colour white (fully automatic with up to 12 coating guns or manually)
    3. Sample cabin = for small series and samples*

  • Curing of the powder-coating at approximately 200°C in our curing oven
    *Of course, we will produce sample coatings for you. In our colour store, we have up to 200 colours available (including metallic and textured powders). Inspection and packaging A team of well-trained employees inspects the customer’s product for any potential problem areas prior to coating, carefully covers internal and external threads, bores and other surfaces not to be coated and packages the finished parts to prevent the coated parts from any damage during transport.

Advantages of powder coating

High layer thicknesses of 60 – 120 my (0.06 mm – 0.12 mm) offer high mechanical resistance

  • UV-resistant
  • Short coating times, since drying times are eliminated in contrast to wet coating
  • Environmentally friendly, as it is solvent-free and emission-free
  • Overspray (powder that does not adhere to the product) is recovered by a cleaning process, thus optimising the usage of materials
  • Wide range of colours with differing degrees of gloss and texture
  • High colour stability
  • Cost-effective, since multiple application and drying is not necessary

Maximum workpiece sizes

  • Length: 3,000 mm
  • Height: 1,400 mm
  • Width: 800 mm

Maximum weight:

  • 50 kg per component