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So customers stay longer

In times of booming online trade, shopfitting is of particular importance. After all, customers love real shopping experiences. And unlike e-commerce, stationary retail is able to offer them it. As a shopfitting company with more than 50 years of experience, we know how to entice customers to buy at the point of sale. We create worlds of experience for many sectors. Whether it’s a brand store, chain store or flagship store. These are shops that entertain, inspire, surprise and amaze again and again. In return, we can provide all the necessary trades from a single source: from floor to ceiling. From retail design to visual merchandising. From interior fittings to shop fittings. The basis of our store fitting solutions is formed by versatile shelving systems, which we customise precisely to your wishes.


Would you like to know how you can fully exploit your potential at the point of sale? We would be pleased to advise you in person! Find some initial inspiration here.

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An idea becomes reality

Your project is the starting point. You tell us your wishes, we analyse your requirements. Our customer consultants are industry experts. Experienced POS specialists, who will advise you with expert knowledge about effective options for staging your product, salesroom and brand. You will get to see and hear a lot of options: inspiration made by decor metall – digital and real-life. You can gain a 1:1 impression of our efficiency in our 3,000-square metre showroom in Bad Salzuflen.

The beginning has been made. We know your requirements and have analysed all the content. Our in-house creative pool – an interdisciplinary team of designers, interior architects, industry specialists and engineers – will get to work. Our team all work together, hand in hand, under one roof and, in an intensive dialogue, develop your individual POS solution: a product presentation that appeals to all the senses, and which combines visual communication, multi-sensory factors and elements of neuromarketing to form an effective whole.

The concept for your POS solution is now ready, and our ideas are taking shape in digital form. A 3D visualisation shows you from all angles and in much detail what your sales display could look like. Visualisation allows mechanical motion dependencies to be recognised and virtual load-carrier options to be played through. Valuable insights that we use to develop the best possible display or store fitting solution for you.

Anyone planning the interior of a retail store has to consider many aspects: the design of the furniture, the lighting concept, the colours and materials of the floor and walls, optimal customer guidance, the structuring of functional areas, the positioning of promotions and product groups and much more besides. It’s good to have an experienced shopfitting partner at your side. We accompany you through all phases of planning and implementation. Based on your spatial situation, we develop the appropriate spatial concept that’s tailor-made to you, your brand and your product.

So much for the theory. Now it’s time to look & feel. To give you a tangible impression of your tailored display solution, we build your prototype, which you can fill with your own products and put through its paces. Only when you are satisfied and convinced down to the last detail do we actually start production.

The name decor metall stands for 100% quality – made in Germany. We develop, plan and manufacture in-house. We have been based at the Bad Salzuflen production site since 1963. A conscious decision to offer our customers maximum reliability, flexibility and speed. With our state-of-the-art machinery and trained specialists, we manufacture your sales displays from batch sizes of 1 to 1,000. All production processes are registered or certified according to the environmental management and quality management systems EMAS III, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

The individual components of your display are produced: the platform is made of sustainable and durable metal and other materials. Depending on the POS concept, the display can be made of plastic, glass, wood, stainless steel or many other materials. During the assembly process we put all the components together. Your sales display gets its own individual look. We integrate lighting, multimedia content and interactive systems and install graphic elements and applications. Your desired display is then complete: a sales promoter that inspires all the senses.

Would you like to benefit from the price advantage of buying large quantities or always have the ability to deliver, but lack the necessary storage capacity? Then make us your warehouse. We have space for you! decor metall offers storage space in our own premises, where your POS solutions are safe and ready for retrieval at any time. We even store large quantities and extensive volumes in our high-bay warehouse for you. You would like to call up your sales displays successively? That’s good! Because picking and supplying customer parts are also part of our warehousing service. We collate your POS fittings and any additional parts you wish for on the desired date, pack your delivery securely and send the parcels or pallets on their way.

You tell us when and where, and our shipping service will set to work – with collating customer parts, picking and packing within the best possible time. After the precise collation and secure packaging of your delivery, your sales displays will set off on their journey. We deliver worldwide including, if you wish, decentral delivery directly to your customers, to arrive reliably on the desired date. Naturally, of course, taking into account national specifics.

When it comes to your sales displays, decor metall also takes over the planning and implementation of the installation work. We deliver your POS solution exactly on the agreed date, set up your in-store sales display units and, if desired, fill them with goods. We are also happy to support you with any installation work over and above this. For this purpose, we have direct access to all the experts required – from painters and decorators to electronics installers and multimedia specialists, and window dressers.

Holistic store fitting - from floor to ceiling

The first step to greater sales success at the point of sale begins with made-to-measure salesrooms. With shops that are precisely tailored to your brand, your products, the target group and the location. As a general contractor we think holistically and about every detail – from floor to ceiling. With a great deal of experience, creativity and professional knowledge, our in-house agency develops shopfitting concepts that turn your point of sale into a crowd puller. Because one thing is certain: only when all components interact ideally can feelgood worlds be created where your customers enjoy spending time and, in particular, like to shop time after time.

Shop interiors

We fit out your shop interior based on the interior planning drawn up by our creative unit: Shop furniture for walls and islands such as wall units, gondola units, sales counters, brochure stands, sales displays, merchandise fixtures. Our flexible shelving systems with over 5,000 modules form the basis. In an individual “mix and match” process, we create the shop solution that stages your product world best.

Material and colour concept

The right shop fittings are important, but they alone do not lead to sales success. The colours, shapes and materials must also be right. The exact colour match and material concept is a key factor in creating a feelgood ambience at the POS. It is essential to bear in mind: The clearer and more consistent the design, the more credible your company appears and the more confidence customers have in your shop and your products.


Only the right actions lead to the desired outcome. In addition to the design of the interior, the structure of the salesroom is one of the central tasks in shopfitting. Moderate furnishing, clearly structured functional areas and a clear arrangement of the product range provide valuable orientation. Additional offers such as waiting areas, children’s play areas or coffee corners are ideal for increasing the time customers spend in the store.

Interior design

A great atmosphere! Temperature and light influence our well-being. With the right lighting concept and pleasant temperatures, shop operators can increase the length of time their customers stay. provided that they know the preferences of their target group. decor metall is familiar with the needs of traditionalists, hedonists, adventurers and performers and has a firm eye not only on aesthetics but also on technology.

Visual merchandising

Merchandise images, photos, multimedia presentations and decorations can make a big difference, provided the story is right. Shop concepts from decor metall are convincing at both a rational and an emotional level. We narrate a story! Using storytelling, we invite your customers to immerse themselves in the theme world surrounding your products and to experience the benefits emotionally.

Multi-sensory branding

Touching, smelling, tasting, hearing, seeing – it’s the immediate experience that counts. The right scent can awaken memories, evoke feelings and put us in a positive mood. Haptic experiences also appeal to people in a very special way. The more sensual the communication, the better the message is anchored and the more strongly the need to buy is aroused.