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Deco Shop

The thing with the grid! Deco Shop is our modular shelving system made of wire. Its timeless, open design sets the stage for products to make an effective entrance and creates the space for an atmosphere to unfold.

The shelving system with a perspective

Deco Shop is a wall system that can also be used free-standing as a platform or a gondola shelving unit. Mobile solutions with wheeled frames are also possible. The wire construction can be combined with design elements of wood, tubing or sheet metal. In the Deco Art variant, the shelves are edged all round with wood. The extensive range of accessories opens up a wide variety of possible applications.

The facts

Modular principle

  • Modular retail system made of wire
  • Can be used as a wall unit or a free-standing unit
  • Maximum width 1,000 mm, maximum height 2,200 mm


  • Durable steel base, which can be combined with other wood, glass and plastic decorative elements
  • Wire diameter Ø 5.8 mm


  • 100 mm

Grid widths

  • Grid walls in various widths and heights
  • 200, 400, 600, 800, 1,000 mm
  • Maximum height 2,200 mm

Merchandise fixtures

  • Extensive range of accessories

The plinth

With the Deco Shop shelving system, height-adjustable feet and corner connectors provide height compensation and stability. A mobile solution with a wheeled frame is also possible as an option.

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