Versatile and compatible

ES 30 Basic

Like its big brother ES 30 Classic, the ES 30 Basic shelving system is a real all-rounder. It is ideal for presenting products and brands in numerous sectors. ES 30 Basic makes it possible to realise wall units and gondola units with a 50 mm pitch.

The compatible shelving system

The ES 30 Basic shelving system is the ‘networker’ among our shelving systems. With a 50 mm pitch, the Basic version is compatible with almost all store fitting systems on the market and connects with these systems to enhance your sales. This gives both retailers and brand manufacturers a great deal of freedom, particularly when developing ideas to integrate display units. You can combine existing shopfittings with elements of the ES 30 Basic to great effect.

The facts

Modular principle

  • Modular design
  • Back panels and/or connecting struts
  • Wall mounting from 2 m (for heavy loads)


  • Durable steel base, can be combined with other materials (wood, glass, mirror, plastic …)
  • Back panels of plain or perforated metal


  • Square pipe 30 x 60 mm, wall thickness 2.5 mm
  • Upright plus ‘L’ and ‘T’ legs
  • A 50 mm pitch for ideal positioning of the merchandise fixtures, compatible with many other-brand systems
  • Slot W 14 x H 28 mm

Axial distances

  • 665, 1,000, 1,250 und 1,330 mm
  • Straight axial distances, no corners

Merchandise fixtures

  • Accessories: Shelves and individual merchandise fixture solutions

The plinth

Two plinth variants are available for the ES 30 Basic shelving system. The shelving unit plinth provides stability and can be used as a presentation area.

‘L’ leg

upright with baseleg

The merchandise fixtures

Special products call for special solutions. This is where decor metall comes into its own. We have, or develop, a merchandise fixture for every product. Whether straight, inclined, orderly, stacked, staggered, layered or bulk – with our merchandise fixtures your goods are always presented in an appealing, sales-enhancing way.

Shelving systems & merchandise fixtures