Effective all round

Orion 60

If you are looking for an effective appearance at the POS, Orion 60 is the right choice. This shelving system is an all-round success and is suitable for numerous uses and sectors.

The shelving system for a special appearance

From shelving units to shop fittings, from room dividers to exhibition stands, from individual display units to complete exhibition systems – everything is possible with Orion 60. Its backbone consists of 60 mm thick round metal tubing and combines stability with a high design standard. The individual design using a range of different materials creates effective and unique pieces which do not look like a system. Like all our shelving systems, Orion 60 can be extended and modified effortlessly at any time. The back panel, for instance, is easy to replace without any hassle using a straightforward ‘click’ system.

The facts

Modular principle

  • Modular design
  • Back panels and/or frame connectors
  • Back walls can be exchanged without dismantling the frame
  • Wall mounting from a height of 2 metres or in the case of heavy loads


  • Durable steel base, can be combined with other materials (wood, glass, mirror, plastic …)
  • Back panels of plain or perforated metal, or also wood


  • Round pipe Ø 60 mm, wall thickness 2 mm
  • Upright plus ‘L’ and ‘T’ legs
  • A 45 mm pitch for ideal positioning of merchandise fixtures
  • Slot: W 7 x H 22 mm

Axial distances

  • 650, 1,000, 1,250 mm
  • Internal and external corners
  • Straight lengths and corner elements make ideal use of the available space

Merchandise fixtures

  • Wide range of accessories: In addition to shelves and wire merchandise fixtures, we also offer special shelves
  • Plinth depth 480 mm

The plinth

The Orion 60 shelving system combines round uprights with ‘L’ or ‘T’ legs and base plinths of metal or wood.

Upright with ‘L’ leg, base plinth depth 480mm

The merchandise fixtures

Special products call for special solutions. This is where decor metall comes into its own. We have, or develop, a merchandise fixture for every product. Whether straight, inclined, orderly, stacked, staggered, layered or bulk – with our merchandise fixtures your goods are always presented in an appealing, sales-enhancing way.

Shelving systems & merchandise fixtures