decor metallThe company

  • Founded in 1963 as a supplier to the furniture industry.
  • Development and production of displays (from 1968) and shopfitting components  (from 1975). System supplier to the mineral oil industry from as early as 1983.
  • Progressive establishment of a highly flexible manufacturing plant for metal sheet, tubing and wire, using all types of processing methods, and a high-quality surface treatment plant.    
  • Expansion to include assembly and integration of systems: assimilation of many different materials (wood, fabrics, glass, plastics, etc.), graphic elements, applications and systems (such as light, multimedia, digital signage, etc.).
  • Today, a full-service provider: a combination of in-house CreativePool and manufacturing company, with emphasis on tailor-made solutions. From the idea right through to completion – all services provided by a single company. Optional fully usable value-added chain (through to complete outsourcing).
  • Certified to meet the highest quality standards (ISO 9001/Six Sigma) and environmental requirements (ISO 14001/EMAS III).
  • ”Made in Germany” with a validated sustainability concept (EMAS III).