The evolution processAn idea becomes reality


Consultants who are specialists in the sector analyse all the relevant facts to obtain a fundamental understanding of the tasks involved. And make a wide range of suggestions – on the iPad on site, or at our exhibition premises, which cover 3,000 square metres.


Visual communication: whether for brands (product presentation) or complete shop systems (spatial presentation). Tailored to the product, sector and target groups (e.g. “gender marketing”).

Paying attention to all the senses/multisensory: Colours, light, materials. Neuromarketing, aromas, etc. Complete shop solutions also include the layout, route systems, spatial structure (floors, walls, ceilings, display windows, etc.).

Visual merchandising: as efficient sales promotion. Effective presentation of products/sales ambiance is achieved via innovative and creative solutions. 

For profitable presentation.


The sketch becomes a concept – and the idea develops into a professionally managed project. At the same time, our CAD 3D software generates a finished picture – the visualisation. Even at this early stage, mechanical movement dependencies can be simulated and virtual loading tests can be carried out

Prototypes/Production of samples

Nothing is possible without “look and feel”: a prototype is constructed as a test model. Because customers would ideally like to see and test the product in combination with their own goods before series production goes ahead